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ZOO: CDs and recordings

Shoot (2016)

Released 1st May 2016

New EP of 4 tracks recorded at Mansfield Old Library Studios; launched at Baresca Bar on 1st May- see Gigs


MiLLIONS (2012/2013)

Released 8th Feb 2013

ZOO's 8th recording project began in the spring of 2012 with a major recording session at Ian's studio. Further overdubs, refinement and polishing were added at the Greenhouse studio during 2012, with the album released on the Red Admiral label in February 2013.

Visit the MiLLIONS web site

ZOO "Millions" cover - click for the website

PSYCHODRAMA (2009/2010)

ZOO's 7th recording project commenced in November 2009, with three days spent at Ian's spacious house to record the backing tracks to 15 new numbers. Additional recordings and overdubs continued into December at the Greenhouse studio, including a day with our great friend Guy Barker. Further recording and mixing continued into 2010, and the album was released on the Red Admiral label in July 2010. Photos in the Gallery.

Visit the Psychodrama website for samples

ZOO "Psychodrama" cover - click for the website

End of the Telegraph Wires (2007/08)

ZOO's EOTTW recording project began in November 2007 with the capturing of backing and foundation tracks for a number of new songs, and continued into 2008 with collaborations involving some of the leading Midlands jazz artists. Launched on 16th February 2009 on the Red Admiral label.

Visit the 'End of the Telegraph Wires' website for samples

ZOO "End of the Telegraph Wires" cover - click for the website

Greenhouse (2006/07)

"Greenhouse", was begun in January 2006, and is a 14 track CD of material written during 2005. "Greenhouse" was released on 7th May 2007 on Red Admiral Records, and is available to buy in the ZOO Shop, and on the JazzCDs website.
Some pics of the recording sessions can be found in the Gallery. Tracks can be listened to and purchased on i-Tunes.

Visit the Greenhouse website for samples

Zoo "Greenhouse" cover - click for the website
Endangered Species (2004)

Written and recorded by the trio between February and October 2004, "Endangered Species" is an exceptional CD of original material (we think!).

A dedicated project website can be found at www.endangered-species.org.uk, which includes photos, samples, track lists and details of the writing and recording processes.

The 14-track CD retails at £10. Visit the ZOO shop to order a copy;

Zoo "Endangered Species" cover - click for the website
In Between The Silence (2003)

ZOO's third album of original material was recorded during the summer of 2003. Instead of hiring a studio and engineer, this time ZOO recorded and arranged the material on their own digital recording equipment at their rehearsal studios in Nottingham.

"In Between the Silence" contains 12 tracks of exceptional beauty, quality and variety. More details can be found at the dedicated project web site, here. The CD costs £10; visit the ZOO shop to order a copy

Zoo "In Between the Silence" cover - click for the website

Discovery of Land (2002) (EP)

In April 2002, ZOO returned to Peterborough's Five Mile High Studio, and engineer Andy Hawkins, to record their second CD "Discovery of Land". Recording and mixing were spread over four days, allowing greater experimentation and attention to detail. The resulting four-track CD was launched at gigs in Nottingham in July 2002, and can be purchased for £5 from the ZOO shop.

All recording details and pictures can be found at the dedicated "Discovery of Land" project website:
click --> discoveryofland.co.uk

Zoo "Discovery of Land" cover - click for the website
Sinistra (2001) (EP)

In May 2001 ZOO recorded their first CD, called "Sinistra". The five tracks reflect the breadth of the band's interests, ranging from the bosa nova of "Extraordinary" to the stark "White Room" to the uplifting "I Believe".

ZOO have created a separate project web site (www.sinistra.co.uk) holding details about the recording of "Sinistra".

The CD can be purchased for £5. Visit the ZOO shop to order a copy.

Zoo "Sinistra" cover - click for the website