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ZOO Newz
Something tells me it's all happening at the ZOO...
Find out below, most recent at the top:
October 2016 ZOO perform at Nottingham Contemporary on 8th October - see Gigs
May 2016 ZOO perform tracks from the new EP "Shoot" at Baresca Bar in Nottingham (1st May) - see Gigs
April 2016 ZOO shoot a video for "Expect the Same" on the new EP "Shoot" with students from De Montford University
March 2016 Zoo record tracks for their new EP "Shoot" at Mansfield's "Old Library" Studio
14th September 2013
"City" video launced on Youtube
Taking inspiration from Phillip Glass' 'Koyaanisqatsi' and influenced by the music of Steve Reich, 'City' is an instrumental look at a day in the life of a city and its' inhabitants.

Video is a collaboration between ZOO and students from Leicester DMU Film course Josh Cuncarr, Nicole Clarke, Claire Beard, Sion Evans.
This is the third video made in partnership between ZOO and DMU - the others being 'Big Red Bus' and 'December'.

Watch the video on Youtube

26th May 2013
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Jet Collective "Jetstream"
ZOO working again with the Jet Collective on a new suite of music inspired by weather and climate. A weekend of creativity culminates in a gig in Winster on the Sunday evening.
9th February 2013
"Millions" launched

Marvellous to launch the new album "Millions" at a stonking gig at Matt & Phreds in Manchester.
1st January 2013
Happy Zoo Year
(and all that jazz) from the ZOO Crew!
2013 will be good ... a new album - Millions - being mixed at the moment ... a return to Matt & Phreds in Manchester in February ... further work with the Jet Collective in May...
31st August 2012
Martin Taylor and Guy Barker - "Spirit of Django" at The Proms

We were delighted to hear that two of our previous associates - Martin Taylor and Guy Barker - had collaborated to create "Spirit of Django" at The Proms - Details
[We recorded and performed with Guy in 2009, and shared the billing with Martin at a Jazz x 3 event in Leicester in 2010]
July 2012
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Derbyshire Suite at the Buxton Fringe Festival 2012

The Jet Collective played the Derbyshire Suite at the Buxton Fringe Festival in the delightful Buxton Methodist Church - read a review here: http://www.buxtonfringe.org.uk/reviews2012mus.html
June 2012
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Derbyshire Suite Online

You can now listen to, and buy, the Jet Collective's "Derbyshire Suite" at Amazon and iTunes.
16th & 17th March 2012
Recording the Latest ZOO Album

ZOO returned to the Devonshire Avenue studios in Nottingham to spend two days recording the backing tracks for the latest album. Photos in the Gallery.
1st January 2012
Happy Zoo Year
from the ZOO Crew!
15th December 2011
Buxton Fringe Festival 2012

Zoo are delighted to announce that, as part of the Jet Collective, they'll be performing the acclaimed Deryshire Suite at the Buxton Fringe Festival in July - details on the Gigs page.
10th & 11th December 2011
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Derbyshire Suite Recording

The Jet Collective return to the Burton Institute in Winster to record the Derbyshire Suite. Over the two days, all of the backing tracks for a new album were recorded by Reg. There now follow sessions in January at the Greenhouse studio to add extra layers and overdubs, and then eq and master the album, create the artwork, and press the CDs - exciting stuff!
Photos in the Gallery.
22nd October 2011
Submotion Orchestra

ZOO catch the stunning Submotion Orchestra at Nottingham's Stealth Club.
9th October 2011
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Derbyshire Suite

Another Jet Collective workshop weekend, followed by a sell-out gig at the superb Burton Institute in Winster. Photos in the Gallery.

Two reviews:
"Wonderful exciting music, I would not have believed that music so vibrant, and of such quality would be produced by 8 musicians in Winster village hall. Jazz themes but with folk hints lurking in the background. The music caught the mood and experiences of Derbyshire, from the mines to the morris men. Not sure about the bossa nova beat re the Derbyshire hills!
"Having run The Strand, a jazz cafe for 22 years, I have heard a great many musicians, and The Jazz Collective definitely deserves a much bigger stage.
"If only a BBC producer had been present!! Keep up the good work."

"Awesome thank you for letting me see that, I loved it'
Lucas was spellbound last night - and me too!
What a fantastic sound you made and so fun too see all the percussion instruments
I thought the pieces were all so unique it was very interesting so hear the contrasts - Allan and Lucas loved the Morris dance!!"

Thanks again to the Winster Entertainment Group for their generous support of the weekend.
18th September 2011
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Derbyshire Suite

ZOO are gearing up for the second Jet Collective workshop, this time at Winster, in Derbyshire, on 8th/9th October. The Collective (ZOO, plus Wendy and Pat Sprakes, Sara Littlefield, Steve Salfield and Clive Loveday) will be developing and extending the compositions created at the last workshop in June, culminating in a gig at Winster's Burton Institute on 9th October.
We'd like to thank the Winster Entertainment Group for their generous support of the weekend.
22nd July 2011
Derbyshire Suite

Recordings of the Jet Collective's 'Derbyshire Suite' can now be heard on SoundCloud
26th June 2011
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Jet Collective 'Derbyshire Suite'

ZOO were delighted to be part of the Jet Collective's experimental 'Derbyshire Suite', which culminated in a gig in the packed village hall at Stanton in Peak, near Matlock.
The musicians involved were Steve Salfield, Sara Littlefield, Clive Loveday, Wendy Kirkland, Pat Sprakes, and Reg Clegg, Karen Clegg and Paul Biggins from ZOO.
We each brought some musical ideas to the event, which were refined during Saturday and Sunday, and then performed to an eager and appreciative audience on Sunday evening.
This was so successful (and such great fun!) that we'll definately repeat the format later in the year. Photos in the Gallery.
23rd June 2011
ZOO News

ZOO's News for June 2011 - including the iminent 'Derbyshire Suite' workshop and gig this coming weekend - can be viewed in the ZOO Newsletter (jpg, 255kb)
1st June 2011
Martin on the Radio

Lovely to hear Martin Taylor on the Chris Evans show on Radio 2 today - top bloke!
30th May 2011
Gigs in May

The Stamford Feast on 29th May closed our rather hectic but hugely enjoyable trio of gigs in May - Matt & Phreds in Manchester on 21st was superb, Minus One at Escuchia in Nottingham on 27th was a groovy club to play (pics in the Gallery), and Stamford Feast was a lovely, relaxed end to the month. Next up is our involvement with the JET Collective 'Derbyshire Suite' weekend at Stanton in Peak - flier (jpg, 700kb).
19th May 2011


ZOO's latest video - 'December', from the Psychodrama album - doesn't feature ZOO!

The video is ZOO's second collaboration with students from Leicester's DeMontfort University and the first to not feature an appearance by the band, apart from the soundtrack!. The video was shot and produced by Daniel Wilson, Danny Thwaites,
Michal Zemanek, Julia Hadji-Stylianou from DeMontfort University, Leicester.

Please see the Video page to view.

13th May 2011
ZOO Spring Newsletter
(pdf, 456kb)
4th May 2011
Gigs in May

After hibernating for the winter, ZOO are shaking off the winter slumbers with three gigs in May, including a headline slot at the Stamford Feast on 29th May, and 3 sets at Matt & Phred's Jazz Club in Manchester on 21st May - details on the Gigs page.
22nd January 2011
FATEA Showcase Sessions

ZOO are delighted to be one of the artists featured on the latest FATEA Showcase Session (Spring 2011), where our song "Dimanche" from the album Psychodrama will feature at http://www.fatea-showcase-sessions.co.uk/ from 1st February.

1st January 2011

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Happy New Year / Performing / General News

Once again, it's a Happy ZOO Year from everyone in the ZOO Crew - we hope 2011 brings you everything you wish for.
This post serves as a bit of a year-end round-up:
On 15th December ZOO played the CafeBarContemporary in Nottingham with the fantastic Stuart McCallum. Another good gig at this venue, with an appreciative audience.

Paul attended a meeting to discuss the Stamford Riverside Festival, and is sad to report that the event won't be happening in 2011.

Also in Stamford, the free jazz sessions at Voodoo Lounge have come to an end due to falling audience numbers - times are tough out there!

But the Jet Collective in Nottingham is hard at work finding bands and venues to present exciting jazz to wider audiences.

Our great friend Chris Ashman at Red Admiral has put together a great ZOO sampler: http://www.myspace.com/kentgigs/music/songs/zoo-sampler-71027048?ap=1

So far ZOO have gigs booked for 2011 on 19th March, 21st May, 18th June, 20th August and 13th November, with more in the pipeline. Hope to see you there - your support is always greatly appreciated.