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The Project

In April 2002 Z00 renewed their collaboration with engineer Andy Hawkins at the Five Mile High Studio in Peterborough.

Four new songs were recorded over four days. During that time the title "Discovery of Land" was adopted, reflecting the exploratory nature of the creation of the songs, and the 'feel' of the songs, particularly "Driving In The Rain" and "Waiting".

The CD was launched at the Oldknows Studio in Nottingham on 20th July 2002 - details here.

Having been launched, the CD landed at another Oldknows event on 26th October 2002 - details here.


CD arranged by ZOO
CD produced by Andy Hawkins & ZOO
CD recorded, engineered and mixed by Andy Hawkins
Recorded at 5 Mile High Studios, Peterborough from
5th-8th April 2002

©All images, text, music, lyrics, and designs associated with this CD are copyright Z00 Projects 2002 except where otherwise indicated.