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Simon (drumsfreeform percussionshoveltriangle)


I'd like to thank the following human beings.
To Andy, 'now what can you make out of this!' Hawkins for doing such a sterling job in the studio.
To my fellow ZOO members, Denise, Karen, Paul and Reg - a good time was had by all.
To Cha for feeding the ZOO animals
To Jo Withers, thanks for being;
'Bunnies of the world unite!!!'

Reflections On the 'Discovery Of Land' Session.
June 2002

The First ten days of April 2002 were going to be diverse. My diary re-acquainted me.

At the beginning of the week my partner and I were to undertake a visit to London. This was to see the 'Body Worlds' Exhibition presented by the Beuysian like figure, Gunther Von Hagens'. Following the flayed exhibits of mutilated bodies Jo and I went across town to eat at Pharmacy. Seven days later I was to be in Brussels with a colleague of mine to hang an exhibition of our Artworks.

In between these two fine capital cities was to be a memorable four day visit to Peterborough with my fellow band members. This was to assume the recording of four of our songs. The results are known to us now as the 'Discovery Of Land' sessions. There were many memories relating to this time we shared as a band. It was the small accoutrements that I wish to register here. The camaraderie we had all shown to each other during the recording. Each Zoo member took it turn to lay down their parts for the recording. This took place in the main sound (isolation) booth. Upon the completion of each part, whether instrument or vocal parts the rest of the band would applaud our fellow member as they opened the sound doors into the engineers' room to hear the play back.

The engineers' room is where we all sat with Andy Hawkins the fifth Zoo member and keeper of the sound. Every one was very supportive of each other during the recording process. As assurance grew with in the band so various running jokes began to fill our time. Over the ensuing days Cup drawing skills were harnessed by all.

I have made a reference to a notable Andy contribution as part of the sleeve notes on the CD. To explain. On many occasions Andy would present me with any old piece of tat that was to hand. 'Now, what can you make out of this?' he would say to me in his finest David Frost voice. I had for some of my time been creating rhythmical nonsense on not only the band's percussion but also on materials of a more experimental nature. Andy would pass me a plastic cup, an empty crisp bag, an input cable, a bottle top or a small take-away container, this last item came with some sticky tape to boot. With regards the last two items, they were turned into a theatrical stage set where two characters played out some kind political satire or acted out some kind of social commentary.

Oh Yes and I was sent out for chips!

A Post-Recording interview with Simon

A Post-Launch Interview with Simon

Z00 paper cup art